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Frustration with the new machine…

on March 9, 2011

I have been attempting to make this ABC wall hanging for my son’s pre-k teacher. She gave me the letters and fabric (because they match her curtains) and asked me if I could make something to hang on the wall with the items. I said of course and have been working on it. Unfortunately my brain is frazzled!! My new machine hates me!! I was attempting to free motion some things on there and wouldn’t you know the thread keeps busting and making loops on the back! I have threaded and re-threaded a bazillion times!! All with very little success, I get a few inches then the thread breaks and I go at it again! Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!! Here is what I got so far, bear with the actual look of the wall hanger I don’t care for it much but I hope his teacher likes it, it was very difficult fabric to work with!!



OH and my iron decided to eat the iron on letters….. grrr!!


My attempt for the VERY first time at free motion quilting.

GRRRR.... this is what keeps happening!!

I keep having to yank the stitches :o(

here is what I am working on, the squiggles in the middle took HOURS because the thread would not quit breaking!!

I guess I will see if google has any light to share on the situation but if any of my readers could help, I would LOVE it!


3 responses to “Frustration with the new machine…

  1. Alexia says:

    Try adjusting your tension settings, also change your needle it may be slightly bent. I had the same issues recently and that seemed to help. Does your machine have a tension adjuster for the bobbin? That may be off too usually if its bunching at the back the upper tension is too lose.
    Hope that helps!

  2. bookwormbethie says:

    change the needle to a sharp quilting needle, perhaps size 14? use good quality thread. also this link might be helpful

    and this discussion topic on flickr will be helpful too!

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