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A new craft room AND a Hoot for my nephew!!

on March 5, 2011

Apologies about waiting so long to post, truly not my fault, WordPress decided it didn’t want to cooperate with me every time I tried to post. So I have an abundance to show you in this little post. So here is the new craft room with my new sewing machine YAY!! 

Projects that need done all lined up :o)

My fabric all lined up and looking pretty!

Kona Solids :o)

Is it sad that I catch myself in my craft room doing nothing but looking at the tubs of solids all pretty!!?? Does this mean I am slightly crazy?

Ok so now the new project that I have finally completed. It took me forever and of course towards the very end I just had to mess up, but thankfully it is for my nephew who will love anything as long as it is from Aunt Jackie! :o)  So here it is…. my pride and joy!!

The front took me forever and about 2 blocks in I figured out a shortcut I could have used but it was already too late I had cut all the fabric up!

This was taken next to a list of names os soldiers that died while on deployment with my husband this last time around. I know my nephew would appreciate the photo. And now for the back, my pride! I want to remind you I am not good at drawing and well I learned it is really hard to see pencil on flannel fabric. So here you go, this is how I decided to quilt the back!!

Can you see my cool owl?!? My husband is in LOVE with him!

Now onto the next few projects!! Thanks for stopping by!!


One response to “A new craft room AND a Hoot for my nephew!!

  1. bookwormbethie says:

    OMG, the quilting on the back of that owl quilt is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And your new sewing space looks nice and cozy, super yummy kona colors! i took look at my fabric stash a bit and feel grateful for my collection 😉

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