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A love of fabric turning into an addiction!!! Sorry for the small break in production!! :oP

on February 15, 2011

While I haven’t had many projects finished I have however been accumulating more fabric…. now I will not even show you all the “used” fabric that people give me like shirts and pants and bed sheets and such because I have A LOT of that… and I will be working on those when I get a chance cause I have some fabulous ideas for those!!! I figure during the summer when I have people over I can have folks join me for a cutting party!! Oh what an idea!!! I am going to put that plan into motion real soon!! FUN FUN!!!

So any who… Aunt Bea’s fabric store is going out of business and therefore had great sales, which I thought was a perfect opportunity to bulk up my fabric collection and order several yards of multiple fabrics…. the selection was slim but I think I did good!!

:o) Happy drawer full of fun fabrics!!


So my theory in doing all this bulk shopping is I am ready to tackle some clothing!! I got some super cute patterns that are just adorable and well I didn’t want to spend tons on fabric if I was going to mess up so sale items works perfect!!


My other fabric that is soon to have lots of friends added!!

And what will I be working on over the next several days in an attempt to clear out some stuff before the new stuff comes in….. yup a lot of projects!!!

Here are some of them all lined up and ready to be cut and sewn!!

FUN FUN!!!! Look forward to more postings because I am back in business!!! YAY


2 responses to “A love of fabric turning into an addiction!!! Sorry for the small break in production!! :oP

  1. Jill D. says:

    Hi Jackie,
    I just stumbled on your post over at made by rae. I know how you feel as I have 3 boys and have never done anything other than pants for them. The BEST tutorial out there for easy pants is at made. ( It was the only tutorial I could follow. I made them w/o the knee pads ‘cuz my guys were older. I’ve made these pants using flannel for pjs, and also cotton since its cooler for the summer. Have you checked out They have really nice fabric. All made in the USA. Yay! : ) Its all $5.95 (new stuff) but the clearance stuff is even cheaper. also They have great costumer service. I’m glad your husband is back safely too. I will pray for him as I regularly pray for our troops. (my husband served during Dessert Storm) you can email me with any ques. if you’d like. 🙂

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