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A crafty kitchen makeover….

on January 13, 2011

So being in Italy is wonderful but the seasons down right suck 😦   It’s always rainy and always gloomy. This in turn makes me gloomy and really just not want to do anything. Sooooo…. for the last almost two years I have been trying to find home decor I like… colors that are me and my husband and that make us happy. What a task!! I love country stuff and yet love the modern feel, so it was always switching back and forth. My husband just doesn’t like drab so he was pretty much on the boat with anything. So I have had reds and blues and greens and burgundys and deep reds and blacks and everything in between. Nothing seemed to stick, we loved it all but just for some reason wasn’t totally happy with it.

So I started school and have been doing everything but school work… hmmm shhhhhhh!! I figured out today that I was going to hand craft each room in the house so that way I would be finished by spring. First task…. you guessed it… the kitchen. I have never been able to make the kitchen/ laundry room work for me ugh. It’s small and dark and the window lets in no light and it’s a very drabby cramped kitchen/ laundry room. The designers were sleeping when they designed this! SO first things first…. COLOR…. I LOVE spring so I started with the Brady Bunch fabric I got… you remember those?  So it started with this….

fabric wall art 🙂 pretty!!

 I liked that so well in the laundry room I decided to take it to the kitchen area too!!

Adds some color in there without much cost!!


Adam ( my husband) liked it a lot and so I went al out and added more color all over the kitchen.

My favorite corner in the kitchen 🙂

hehe I made the towel isn't it CUTE!!!!

Bulletin board I made out of a dry erase board that was no longer useable!!


And there it is!! Over the next few days I will make and add small stuff to do the finishing touches s/a pot holders, more towels, and some more cool laundry room stuff 🙂  I love it!! And it makes me thing spring which ALWAYS makes me happy!!!


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