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A cozy Birthday present for Shari…

on January 5, 2011

I found out that my friend’s birthday was just days a way and decided that I had better make her a present. She is my closest friend and the only one of my friends that shows great ethusiasm in my projects and also encourages me, so it was only natural for me to want to make her something by hand. And since I know she loves my stuff and knows that I am still not 100% I decided I was going to push outside my comfort zone and try something different and more crafty. I wanted to make her something that she would remember me by and admire even after she goes back to the states in the next couple weeks. (This is one of those downfalls to being military and always moving and changing locations we tend to move away from our closest friends.)

The zippers were an awesome touch to add that I found at the local Italian fabric store 🙂 I think they add a special touch


And with the quilted pillow cases completed and filled with a pillow, I decided I couldn’t wait until the weekend I was dying to see my friend’s reaction when I gave them to her. And so at 1130pm I drove down the road in the cold to deliver them to her. 🙂

She was very happy!! And that made me happy too!!


Happy Birthday Shari!!! I will miss you tons when you leave and I hope that you get lots of good cuddle time with the pillows 🙂      ❤


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