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on January 3, 2011

Made for the new year another quilt top I FINALLY cut into my Freebird for Momo by Moda…. And here is the pretty top I finished!!

I LOVE IT!! Simple yet beautiful.


I have some how got to figure out this quilting thing. I am sending of 3 of my tops to a quilter to be done but I really dislike how long the turn around is going to take. I just want to be able to do it myself and have it here for me to cuddle with.

I really got frusterated with this quilt top as it was very simple 8.5inch squares so that when sewn they would be 8″ squares… now I have a 1/4 seam foot on my sewing machine and somehow most the rows were even and then some were off…. and I don’t mean a small 1/4 inch off I mean they were close to an inch off!!! How does that even happen the squares were all the same when laying in the pile together and I used the same seam allowence for all…. I’m just baffled….. and frusterated!! I would have to say any insight on this issue would be helpful and does it happen to more then just me? How do I avoid this frusteration is there anything I can do at all or is this one of those beginner things.

*sigh* Oh well, I guess as long as I keep moving forward…. I have decided to save my pennies for a new sewing machine as this $79 on sale Brother is about to take a crap on me and well it is not the best sewing machine for what I want…. so I will move on to bigger and better things and since my anniversary…. 8 years…. is coming up I think that it would be the perfect gift since I am not a jewlery type person. 🙂 Here’s to hoping!!

Zoology Winter *2010* Michael Miller


Brady Bunch again Michael Miller


Everyone needs this in their stash... "Ta Dots" by Michael Miller


Where would we be without some Rober Kaufman Kona solids!!


LOVE the vibrant colors of Robert Kaufman Kona solids.... GORGEOUS!!


Cheers to the new year and kids back in school and life returning to normal!! I’m sure many of you sew addicts out there have rebuilt your stash or added to your stash over the holidays!!


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