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First real attempt at quilting….

on December 20, 2010

So I got a walking foot in the mail the other day and was extremely excited to put it on and attempt to quilt one of the first quilt tops I made!! I did my homework and “Googled” all over the internet to see what I could learn about how I do this quilting….. I have come to the conclusion there is no one proper way to quilt a top sooooooooo I was left to figure it out on my own with tid bits of information and try and see what works for me…. several hours later and at 1am Italy time…. I am tired and can’t wait to get a new machine for my anniversary because this is probably not the greatest machine to quilt on… WHAT A PAIN IN THE TOOSH!!!  Ugh I had rolled fabric everywhere the walking foot didn’t do what I thought it should do…. I have bunched up fabric all over the back and just what a mess!!! I tried my darndest and finished up the lines tonight, which are far from straight!! BUT if anyone has any advice they could lend me I would be appreciative!! Here are the pictures of the front and back….. I have not washed the fabric yet and I have not trimmed and done the edges just simply did the lines of quilting…. hope you enjoy or at least get a humorous laugh at my sad attempt :o(the back :-)the front....

Looks like tomorrow will consist of binding and washing and drying to see and feel the finished product…. keep fingers crossed it doesn’t fall apart in the wash!!


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