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First project….

on December 17, 2010

Hello everyone!! I apologize for the lame blog site but in all fairness I’m not good with techy stuff and well the hubby hasn’t exactly helped me with the whole CSS and HTML stuff so until I learn all that this will be my site.I’m going to post a few pictures that have been taken over the last couple weeks of projects that I have done or am trying to learn. I’m not very good but I am trying to learn and “Google” has become my best friend. Happy looking!!

Quilt for my mother 🙂 My VERY first one!!

My very first quilting job!! Not the greatest but I did with what I had.

My 2nd quilt top with some scraps.

The "Lavender Quilt" top... named because I smelled lavender everytime I ironed it was WEIRD!

"Lavender Quilt" top backing

Red, white, and blue throw quilt top

"Mad Hatter" quilt.... this top was very insane and this is where knowing how much fabric I actually needed would have been good knowledge... but I winged it with what I had.

This was made just 2 days ago as a way to widen my sewing knowledge... turned out pretty cute 🙂

My dear husband Adam... modeling is his specialty...


2 responses to “First project….

  1. I really like the quilt, Would feel like I am hugging my baby… knowing you made it love you Sis.

    • jmille525 says:

      LOVE YOU MOM…. move this comment over to under the one that says “Giveaway” otherwise when I go to it won’t pull the numbers correctly 🙂

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