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AND I’m back!!

So I have been busy working on a few projects and enjoying being pregnant! Thankfully soon the little guy will be here and will get to try out all the things mommy has made for him! I’m going to try to do an update more frequently and show you all the things I am working on! I must get back in the game with my sewing I sure do love and miss it! 🙂 Please look forward to future posts as I am back!!!

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It’s been a while!!

Well after that owl quilt and severe frustration I quit sewing for a while and picked up a new hobby….. well more like refreshed and got serious about it :o) I started taking photos!! Yup and well I am not internet savvy and for sure need to make a photography website but for now I will use this until I know if I have a reason to be serious or if it is just gonna be one of those hobbies I cross off my list… so I decided to do these “I heart faces” challenges as I think this will help me grow and broaden my horizons soooo if I feel confident enough then in the next couple weeks I shall build a website strictly for my photography!! Now to figure out this link thing so I can enter the challenges… oh I am sooo not techno savvy!!

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Frustration with the new machine…

I have been attempting to make this ABC wall hanging for my son’s pre-k teacher. She gave me the letters and fabric (because they match her curtains) and asked me if I could make something to hang on the wall with the items. I said of course and have been working on it. Unfortunately my brain is frazzled!! My new machine hates me!! I was attempting to free motion some things on there and wouldn’t you know the thread keeps busting and making loops on the back! I have threaded and re-threaded a bazillion times!! All with very little success, I get a few inches then the thread breaks and I go at it again! Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!! Here is what I got so far, bear with the actual look of the wall hanger I don’t care for it much but I hope his teacher likes it, it was very difficult fabric to work with!!



OH and my iron decided to eat the iron on letters….. grrr!!


My attempt for the VERY first time at free motion quilting.

GRRRR.... this is what keeps happening!!

I keep having to yank the stitches :o(

here is what I am working on, the squiggles in the middle took HOURS because the thread would not quit breaking!!

I guess I will see if google has any light to share on the situation but if any of my readers could help, I would LOVE it!


A new craft room AND a Hoot for my nephew!!

Apologies about waiting so long to post, truly not my fault, WordPress decided it didn’t want to cooperate with me every time I tried to post. So I have an abundance to show you in this little post. So here is the new craft room with my new sewing machine YAY!! 

Projects that need done all lined up :o)

My fabric all lined up and looking pretty!

Kona Solids :o)

Is it sad that I catch myself in my craft room doing nothing but looking at the tubs of solids all pretty!!?? Does this mean I am slightly crazy?

Ok so now the new project that I have finally completed. It took me forever and of course towards the very end I just had to mess up, but thankfully it is for my nephew who will love anything as long as it is from Aunt Jackie! :o)  So here it is…. my pride and joy!!

The front took me forever and about 2 blocks in I figured out a shortcut I could have used but it was already too late I had cut all the fabric up!

This was taken next to a list of names os soldiers that died while on deployment with my husband this last time around. I know my nephew would appreciate the photo. And now for the back, my pride! I want to remind you I am not good at drawing and well I learned it is really hard to see pencil on flannel fabric. So here you go, this is how I decided to quilt the back!!

Can you see my cool owl?!? My husband is in LOVE with him!

Now onto the next few projects!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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A love of fabric turning into an addiction!!! Sorry for the small break in production!! :oP

While I haven’t had many projects finished I have however been accumulating more fabric…. now I will not even show you all the “used” fabric that people give me like shirts and pants and bed sheets and such because I have A LOT of that… and I will be working on those when I get a chance cause I have some fabulous ideas for those!!! I figure during the summer when I have people over I can have folks join me for a cutting party!! Oh what an idea!!! I am going to put that plan into motion real soon!! FUN FUN!!!

So any who… Aunt Bea’s fabric store is going out of business and therefore had great sales, which I thought was a perfect opportunity to bulk up my fabric collection and order several yards of multiple fabrics…. the selection was slim but I think I did good!!

:o) Happy drawer full of fun fabrics!!


So my theory in doing all this bulk shopping is I am ready to tackle some clothing!! I got some super cute patterns that are just adorable and well I didn’t want to spend tons on fabric if I was going to mess up so sale items works perfect!!


My other fabric that is soon to have lots of friends added!!

And what will I be working on over the next several days in an attempt to clear out some stuff before the new stuff comes in….. yup a lot of projects!!!

Here are some of them all lined up and ready to be cut and sewn!!

FUN FUN!!!! Look forward to more postings because I am back in business!!! YAY


Chloe’s room makeover and quilt….

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A crafty kitchen makeover….

So being in Italy is wonderful but the seasons down right suck 😦   It’s always rainy and always gloomy. This in turn makes me gloomy and really just not want to do anything. Sooooo…. for the last almost two years I have been trying to find home decor I like… colors that are me and my husband and that make us happy. What a task!! I love country stuff and yet love the modern feel, so it was always switching back and forth. My husband just doesn’t like drab so he was pretty much on the boat with anything. So I have had reds and blues and greens and burgundys and deep reds and blacks and everything in between. Nothing seemed to stick, we loved it all but just for some reason wasn’t totally happy with it.

So I started school and have been doing everything but school work… hmmm shhhhhhh!! I figured out today that I was going to hand craft each room in the house so that way I would be finished by spring. First task…. you guessed it… the kitchen. I have never been able to make the kitchen/ laundry room work for me ugh. It’s small and dark and the window lets in no light and it’s a very drabby cramped kitchen/ laundry room. The designers were sleeping when they designed this! SO first things first…. COLOR…. I LOVE spring so I started with the Brady Bunch fabric I got… you remember those?  So it started with this….

fabric wall art 🙂 pretty!!

 I liked that so well in the laundry room I decided to take it to the kitchen area too!!

Adds some color in there without much cost!!


Adam ( my husband) liked it a lot and so I went al out and added more color all over the kitchen.

My favorite corner in the kitchen 🙂

hehe I made the towel isn't it CUTE!!!!

Bulletin board I made out of a dry erase board that was no longer useable!!


And there it is!! Over the next few days I will make and add small stuff to do the finishing touches s/a pot holders, more towels, and some more cool laundry room stuff 🙂  I love it!! And it makes me thing spring which ALWAYS makes me happy!!!

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A cozy Birthday present for Shari…

I found out that my friend’s birthday was just days a way and decided that I had better make her a present. She is my closest friend and the only one of my friends that shows great ethusiasm in my projects and also encourages me, so it was only natural for me to want to make her something by hand. And since I know she loves my stuff and knows that I am still not 100% I decided I was going to push outside my comfort zone and try something different and more crafty. I wanted to make her something that she would remember me by and admire even after she goes back to the states in the next couple weeks. (This is one of those downfalls to being military and always moving and changing locations we tend to move away from our closest friends.)

The zippers were an awesome touch to add that I found at the local Italian fabric store 🙂 I think they add a special touch


And with the quilted pillow cases completed and filled with a pillow, I decided I couldn’t wait until the weekend I was dying to see my friend’s reaction when I gave them to her. And so at 1130pm I drove down the road in the cold to deliver them to her. 🙂

She was very happy!! And that made me happy too!!


Happy Birthday Shari!!! I will miss you tons when you leave and I hope that you get lots of good cuddle time with the pillows 🙂      ❤

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This just in…

Made for the new year another quilt top I FINALLY cut into my Freebird for Momo by Moda…. And here is the pretty top I finished!!

I LOVE IT!! Simple yet beautiful.


I have some how got to figure out this quilting thing. I am sending of 3 of my tops to a quilter to be done but I really dislike how long the turn around is going to take. I just want to be able to do it myself and have it here for me to cuddle with.

I really got frusterated with this quilt top as it was very simple 8.5inch squares so that when sewn they would be 8″ squares… now I have a 1/4 seam foot on my sewing machine and somehow most the rows were even and then some were off…. and I don’t mean a small 1/4 inch off I mean they were close to an inch off!!! How does that even happen the squares were all the same when laying in the pile together and I used the same seam allowence for all…. I’m just baffled….. and frusterated!! I would have to say any insight on this issue would be helpful and does it happen to more then just me? How do I avoid this frusteration is there anything I can do at all or is this one of those beginner things.

*sigh* Oh well, I guess as long as I keep moving forward…. I have decided to save my pennies for a new sewing machine as this $79 on sale Brother is about to take a crap on me and well it is not the best sewing machine for what I want…. so I will move on to bigger and better things and since my anniversary…. 8 years…. is coming up I think that it would be the perfect gift since I am not a jewlery type person. 🙂 Here’s to hoping!!

Zoology Winter *2010* Michael Miller


Brady Bunch again Michael Miller


Everyone needs this in their stash... "Ta Dots" by Michael Miller


Where would we be without some Rober Kaufman Kona solids!!


LOVE the vibrant colors of Robert Kaufman Kona solids.... GORGEOUS!!


Cheers to the new year and kids back in school and life returning to normal!! I’m sure many of you sew addicts out there have rebuilt your stash or added to your stash over the holidays!!

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NEW FABRIC!!! Well older line but new to my shelves!!

I took a break from quilting for a little while and with new fabric taunting me from the drawer I am drawin up a new quilt design… this one will be for myself for while I’m working on my studies since I start college in a couple weeks. The fabric is Freebird by Momo and is just a wonderful fabric!! The feel and look just screams freebird!! Makes you feel like you want to wrap up and soar!! So here is to the new project and the goal to finish it before the new year!!

Boxed up and ready to send away are the other 3 quilts I have made… they are off to San Antonio to Karen at I am very excited to get them off and hopefully see them back to me soon!! YAY

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